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Merch and Cabarets and Workshops, Oh My!

It’s hard to believe March is already coming to an end. Where we are, that means more daylight hours, warmer weather, sunshine returning and lots of exciting news and drops for the R&R team! Here’s a little roundup of what we’ve been working on! Merch We have heard your requests and we’re so thrilled toContinue reading “Merch and Cabarets and Workshops, Oh My!”

Full Season Announcement!

Whew! It’s been a busy couple of weeks over here at R&R. We’re preparing to open our production of Mad Ones this weekend (tickets are still available – make sure you don’t miss out), sorting through the over 350 and counting auditions we’ve received for Puffs (your talent is astounding. We don’t know how we’llContinue reading “Full Season Announcement!”

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