How does virtual theatre work? Isn’t theatre normally an in-person thing?

We’re so glad you asked! Virtual theatre is an emerging artform that combines theatrical performance, with video/audio editing. Think of it like part theatre show, part movie and part music video!

We like to experiment with different filming and editing methods with our performances, so each show has a unique style. What you can expect is a fully edited video made up of individual performances recorded remotely and independently – fully safe and fully entertaining!

Can I watch from (insert country name here)?

Absolutely you can! The beauty of virtual theatre is that it can be accessed by anyone from anywhere! Make sure you check your time zones though! Russo Richardson Productions is based in the Eastern time zone, so all times listed on our event pages will be in EST/EDT. You’ll need to convert the time to your specific time zone if you’re not located in Eastern time.

So do you perform live?

Our performances are all pre-recorded. This allows us to make sure that they aren’t any blips with internet cutting out, or any challenges with audio or visual quality. HOWEVER – the shows are streamed live so you’ll be watching at the same time as everyone else, which gives that live theatre flavor!

How do I see the shows?

Ticketing links for upcoming shows will be available here on our website and on our social media accounts when they become available. Livestream links and codes are distributed through the ticketing software! All you need to do is buy your ticket, keep your receipt and log on to the stream to watch!

Will the performances be on YouTube after?

Unfortunately in most cases our licensing agreements prevent us from distributing the show anywhere after the stream date. If you want to see one of our shows, you’ll need to make sure you get tickets to the livestream, as they will not be rebroadcast afterwards.

I want to audition/direct/choreograph/work with you in some other capacity!

Amazing! We’re so glad to hear it! Make sure to check the website frequently and follow us on social media for all audition updates! You can also fill out our open General Submissions form and we’ll contact you if we feel a project is the right fit!

You should do (insert show here)!

We love your enthusiasm! Unfortunately, not all titles are available for virtual licensing right now. Our team takes great care in choosing titles that work for our budget, are available and are shows we think you all would love to see!

Why is there an age limit on auditions?

Some titles may have more mature content, and may therefore require a minimum age for auditions. This has more to do with the legalities surrounding what kinds of content minors are allowed to perform than our belief in whether or not people can do it (we know you’re all talented as anything). We try not to put age limitations on our auditions unless absolutely necessary for legal and safety reasons.

I think what you’re doing is wonderful! How do I support you?

Thank you so much! We’re so grateful for all of your kind words and support. The best way of supporting us is to buy tickets, either to individual performances or become a season pass holder.

You can also follow us on all social media @russorichardson. Sharing our posts with your friends, commenting, liking and re-posting our content helps us reach more people and is a FREE way that you can continue to support virtual theatre!

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